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Creative brief

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Business Name

Find Toto- Making your pet "the talk of the town."

What do you do?

We are the 1st FCC, FTC, and NDC guideline approved (patent pending too) phone alert system for lost pets. Essentially we send out lost pet phone call alerts in the area of where the pet went missing or was last seen. Not a subscription- but an immediate emergency alert type system we like to call "Toto Alerts."

What is your industry?

Pets- lost/stolen/found

Describe your audience

1. Lost Pet Owners. 2. Animal Shelters/Rescues/Vets/Pet Detectives. 3.People who own pets
Impression for Lost Pet Owners- We are the "go to" company to alert their neighbors/community of their lost pet. We are trusted to get the job done not only efficiently but effectively. By using our services IT WILL INCREASE their chances of finding their pet.

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate to your audience?

Please MAKE SURE you view the attached documents with further information-
Key Objectives:
• Find Toto's services WILL increase their chances of finding their lost pet and they will have a greater success if used within the first 48 hours. (time is of the essence)
• FindToto's staff acts more as lost pet consultants in helping the lost pet owner find the best area to target for the alert calls. We ask what they have already done pertaining to their search and give additional tips.
• Branding the phrase/name Toto Alerts, just as Amber Alert is branded/recognized for missing children, Toto Alerts needs to be branded for missing pets.
• Find Toto's services are used and trusted by Humane Societies, Animal Shelters, Rescues, Vets, and Pet Trackers nationwide. We also contribute back to these organizations.

BIGGEST GOAL- tying in everything we need to convey to our target audience and HOW we "do what we do" in "laymans" terms. A list of common objections will be attached in the documents as well.

What styles do you like?

Web 2.0- Organized, Clean, "Call To Action," Professional yet friendly. Really enjoy "play on words" or using our pet/dog/cat theme to communicate information. Such as under the Contact Us area insert "Talk to us, we don't bite! or bark" etc. It's important that everything flows together so if using some "quirky" tactics in one section, it needs to be present in other places as well.

What colors do you like or hate?

Since this isn't under the design section I'd like to talk font unless that still doesn't play a role here..i don't know? BUT- I HATE our current font if that helps you at all. I think the Web 2.0 styles of cleaner larger fonts are nice.

Any other additional info? (optional)

Our goal is to not only communicate the above discussed items but to create a higher conversion rate on our website. The following is a link to a website that shows some of their work on a website called greasy. WE LOVE everything about the design and style of that site:

Oh and I also attached what our new sign up forms will consist of.

The next link will show a company's contact page and we love how they interact (write) to their audience. You will see that they say "TALK TO US, WE DON'T BITE..." we actually think that line or something like it could be a friendly and creative line for us as well on our site.

Brief updates

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