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note: I posted this in ad banner because it was the closest option in scope (i.e. I don't need a site but I need more than icons).

Looking for a new web player for the Mediafly.com pop up and embeddable player that is impressive in its look, style, function, and simplicity.

Style preferences:

1) Player functions and text should be as low profile as possible so that most of the focus is on the player window.

2) Functions and icons and options should be obvious what they do.

3) We have liked the glassy looking gray or black players. However, if you have other ideas go nuts (but stay classy).

5) You may want to use Mediafly orange and/or green for highlight colors (but not required).

Please include 3 different renderings for the following 3 sizes:

1) Small player window about 300 pix wide

2) Medium player window (about 640 pix wide)

3) Full screen mode

(note: I imagine these are each simple derivatives of the basic player concept)

The player must have the following features:

1) Show title (e.g. Wall Street Journal This Morning)

2) Episode title (e.g. Oil prices hit an all time high)

3) Current Channel (e.g. My Mediafly News)

4) Options to toggle small, large, and full screen modes

5) play duration status bar

6) volume

7) Play/Pause (can be same button)

8) Next Episode/track (e.g. >| )

9) Previous Episode/track (e.g. |< )

10) option to open more options

11) Ideally include mediafly dragonfly circle icon from the mediafly.com site someplace on the player.

note: The current mediafly.com player shows an episode list. the new player should NOT show this list



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