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Who is LendSure?

LendSure is a financial services company that specializes in mortgage products. We like to think of ourselves as a fresh face with deep rootsa group of executives with a lot of mortgage banking experience who feel we have what it takes to be successful in todays market. Our first foray back into the financial services industry is an area that needs a great deal of attention right now and that is loan modifications. We work with borrowers that can no longer afford their mortgage payment. As such, we negotiate with their lenders/servicers to amend the terms of their loan. The idea is that we negotiate a solution that works for everyone the borrower gets a payment they can afford, and the lender/servicer has one less foreclosure to complete.

The LendSure brand

We mentioned that we think we have what it takes to be successful in todays market but what does that mean, exactly? Let me explain we believe that good, solid companies are built on a strong foundation of integrity, professionalism, and experience. We know this because weve built profitable companies on these principles in the past. Our top 3 executives were the co-founder, President/COO, and EVP of Accredited Home Lenders until the summer of 2008. However, we also recognize that to survive and thrive in todays marketplace (especially the mortgage marketplace!) you need to be innovative and willing to reach your target audience in unconventional ways. Thats part of the reason why we came here to CrowdSPRING we know that the financial services sector can be a little boring but believe it doesnt HAVE to be.


Here are the juicy detailsthe SKINNY, as my boss would say. We are looking to launch a web initiative for our loan modification business (you can find more detail about what we do here: http://www.lendsure.com/homeowners/loan-... So, we need a creative (you) to design an ad that draws potential loan modification borrowers, and also gives the viewer a taste for who LendSure is. The banner can be .swf or .gif and can be any of the following sizes: 300 x 250, 120 x 600, 728 x 90 leaderboard, or 468 x 60. Wed also like for the ad to conform to the following publisher specifications: http://www.adready.com/whitepapers/AdSpe... and http://www.adready.com/static/doc/yahoo_.... Animation would be welcomed just make sure that it is less than 15 seconds.


Men and women homeowners, ages 30-55, US only and more specifically focused on those areas that have been hardest hit by the housing crisis.


Weve provided our logo, which wed like to incorporate into the ad in some fashion. Wed also like to stick to the colors shown in the logo as well as on the website, (www.lendsure.com) although were open to other ideas here. Its also important to note that while there will only be one winner, we're planning on running multiple ads and therefore have allocated a secondary award of $250.



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