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I posted this in ad banner because it is a smaller project than a page design. I just need a re-work of our top navigation.

We are looking for a new top navigation bar for all pages on the www.mediafly.com site. Here are the specific needs and some initial ideas.

This navigation will be present on all pages so it must be efficient, clean, easy to understand, low profile (i.e. not too big)... and at the same time innovative and creative.

1) Primary items to include


My Mediafly

My favorites

note: DO NOT include selection preferences, recommendations, or Explore anywhere in the top navigation.

2) Include Search and browse:

Include in a search box method and a method to start browsing through top categories.

3) user options:

my account, my favorites,

a) current user (e.g. Hi Carson), log out

or b) sign up, log out (as appropriate)

4) We have 3 area of our site, the main user site, the publisher site and the advertiser site. So, we need a very subtle way to navigate between them and for the user to know which one they are on currently (but very subtle b/c 99% of uses won't ever have need for the publisher or advertiser areas).

5) work in a space for a 728 x 90 OR 468 x 60 ad banner (not both... use whichever size works best with your design)


Some ideas (not required and may not even be good ideas):

One idea that we have floated around is how to incorporate the little winged guys like are used on the home page (but much smaller obviously) so that the top nav can also convey the flow of how you interact with Mediafly, such as:

(to use broad concepts):

search or discover --> manage or organize... download, sync, get it to go --> share (--> and then potentially publish and advertise)


Please feel free to ask any questions. We look forward to fresh ideas and innovative approaches.



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