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Hi, I have posted this in the ad banner page because I'm only looking for a few design elements on our Digital Media Lifestyle page, specifically how to represent the different device/delivery options.

On this page, we are going to display the various methods and delivery options to access our channels.

We need a clean, effective, web 2.0 look that can be consistent across the various device options and is flexible enough to accommodate different types of devices with differing options.

I have included 3 types in the mock up for you to use as reference -- SyncClient application, Popcorn Hour device, and RSS

Please include the following in your submission:

1) An expanded view with more information about the product, options, etc.

2) and a corresponding collapsed view for each device "block" which only shows the necessary info.

A rough mock of both are in the attached files

3) Icons to symbolize the different delivery option capabilities and uses. I have mocked these with blue squares but the real ones should be more clever and discoverable:

h = home/office

m = mobile

a = audio

v = video

s = online streaming

d = downloads for offline use

4) Product images -- there may be 2 images as in the case of the SynClient which needs to convey the iPod family and all the other non-ipod usb players

5) Title of device type (e.g. SyncClient, Popcorn Hour, etc.)

6) Sub-title or high-level short descriptive phrase. In the mock up, this is the text directly to the right of the Title and appears in the collapsed view as well

7) A method to display "linked devices" (i.e. instances of that device type that are linked to the user's account).

- The linked instances should also display in the collapsed view.

- In the mock up, the linked instances are shown as the thin boxes below the larger device block in both the full and collapsed mock ups.

8) A title and subtitle for the page -- shown in the mock up at the top of the first page as "My Media Lifestyle" and "Integrate your..." respectively.

9) A method to view the device types by various options (e.g. my devices, all, etc.)

10) the ability to view devices by the capabilities (e.g. the icons)

11) An info bar for FAQ block such as shown on the right side of the Mock up

A design that is Clean, Clear, and easy to understand is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing.

Please message me with any questions. I look forward to seeing your designs.



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