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Business Info

Business Name

Ivy Plus Real Estate

What do you do?

We are Real Estate agent specialised in Property Sales in Sydney NSW, Australia. Read more on our website: ivyplus.com.au

Do the ad banners need to meet specific size requirements?

For Facebook Link (News Feed Image), the recommended size is 1280 x 628
For Facebook Carousel, 1080 x 1080

Check more details at https://www.facebook.com/business/ads-gu...

How many different size variations of the ad banner do you need designed?

Two variations of the same design, first as a single image for Facebook News Feed and then same concept broken down into few images for Facebook Carousel:
- Facebook News Feed Banner
- Facebook Carousel Breakdown

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Real Estate and Construction

Describe the target audience for your ad banner design

The target Audience are potential vendors who would like to sell the property, primarily houses, via a Real Estate agency. We are mainly targeting 35-70 age group and grand parents, who are typically after selling and downsizing and are on more tight budget (because they are likely to retired), are of focus to us. Women have shown more interest to our advertising campaigns so far and more keen to find more high service quality with less cost options when it come to our target audience: aged couples willing to sell or downsize their property

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your ad banner design?

- We deliver high quality real estate agency experience and a peace of mind
- Our fees are very competitive
- (Top Priority Message of the Ad) Our fees are 'all-inclusive', so our competitive commission fee includes all photography, videography, floor planing, advertisement, inspections and auction costs.

We strongly like to see the design uses the concept of 'all inclusive' in an intuitive manner. One example is to use all costs explained above, i.e. photography, in News feed Ad banner and then have them individually broken down into multiple images for Carousel

How is your company different from your competitors?

- We deliver a peace of mind and high quality real estate agency experience to our vendors
- Our fees are very competitive
- We are available and reachable 7 days a week
- We use social media and new ways of marketing to achieve best outcome for our vendors

Style and Concept

What ad banner design styles do you like?

- Simple, natural and artistic while being very appealing and encouraging people to click it to find out more.
- Make sure you check our website ivyplus.com.au to get more idea
- 'Whiteboard' graphical elements, like the ones used in Whiteboard Animations, are also good if used properly and intuitively

What colors do you want to see in your ad banner design?

No strict restriction but the design needs to correlate with our corporate colours which can be seen at our website ivyplus.com.au and our facebook page 'ivyplusrealty'

What colors do you NOT want to see in your ad banner design?

No restriction

What adjectives should best describe your ad banner design?

- Simple
- Visually appealing
- Relevant
- Showing an enticing value proposition: 'all-inclusive' fees which save vendors considerable amount of money
- ENCOURAGING to find out more (so, people click on the ad)

What content must be included in the ad banner design?

It is open and we prefer out-of-the-box ideas. No restriction as long as it translates the message 'Ivy Plus Real Estate offers All Inclusive Fees that costs typically 30% less for vendors to sell their property'

Our logo (use it from our website, ivyplus.com.au, for now, but will give the winner the high quality image of our logo in EPS format or similar)

Do you have additional requirements or links you'd like to share?

VERY IMPORTANT: Use of text should be kept to absolute absolute minimal as per Facebook requirements (We will include more text as part of the ad, but the actual image should have almost none except our logo and maybe couple of more words)

The key message for this advertisement banner, and carousel, is 'Ivy Plus Real Estate offers All Inclusive Fees that costs typically 30% less for vendors to sell their property'

Our design need to be 'visually appealing' and relevant.



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