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Business Info

Business Name


What do you do?

We leverage the power of advertising in the service of education.

Do the ad banners need to meet specific size requirements?

Yes. There are two sizes (the two most common banner ad sizes):
300 w x 250 h pixels
728 w x 90 h pixels

How many different size variations of the ad banner do you need designed?

1 unifying stylistic concept, 5 different subject matter versions (each with it's own color palettes, so 5 color palettes) x 2 sizes each = 10 banners total.

We want to see each of the five subject matters in two sizes to see how the content (same banner) translates across the two sizes. Each pair should have the same color palette. All 10 of the banners should have the same unifying stylistic concept & graphic consistency.

(Detailed notes on the 5 subject matter versions are below and on the attached file.)

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Education and Universities

Describe the target audience for your ad banner design

Students (grade school) and their parents looking for supplemental education materials.

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your ad banner design?

These banner ads are in the form of a digital 'flash card'. In other words, the pitch is the product itself. So rather than a typical ad that says "here's our company and here's what we do", these banners will actually teach a single learning point to illustrate the product benefit by experiencing it directly.

How is your company different from your competitors?

This is not really a relevant point, and there is no comparison offered in the advertising. The banner ad is meant to be a straight education experience.

That said, if there is a defining feature / characteristic, it's that the teaching points should be absorbed immediately, so it's like a 'flash' and understanding (more on that below).

Style and Concept

What ad banner design styles do you like?

Bold, colorful, eye-catching, fun, engaging, noticeable & notable.
Upbeat, youthful, wide-eyed, future-oriented, world of possibilities, inspiring.
Think of the feeling when you watch energetic & fresh ads for Target (cool affordable design), Toyota (clean green ergonomic), Cisco ('we're waking up the world'), GE ('brilliant machines'), Apple (string of impactful adjectives describing the iPad).
(I know, these are all TV spots, but think of them as an emotional touchstone.)

What colors do you want to see in your ad banner design?

Each of the 5 subject matter versions (2 banners per content version) should have a distinct color palette, matching the subject matter.
The colors should pop and make the banner noticeable, but not overwhelm the content.
We're open to see how you match the colors to the message.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your ad banner design?

Colors that fade into the background or are too muted.

What adjectives should best describe your ad banner design?

Simple & Clear & Bold.
The concepts 'taught' by the banner should be graspable immediately. One should not have to read any fine print or anything. It should feel like a well-designed billboardone glance and you get it. Even if you're driving past at 65 mph, it's simple, bold, succinct and gets in your brain: "Geico: Save 15%", "McDonald's Next Exit".

What content must be included in the ad banner design?

In summary, there are 5 banners, each with a different subject matter and a specific teaching point.

The subjects are:
Foreign Language

The teaching points and specific content are on the uploaded file.

Do you have additional requirements or links you'd like to share?

Ultimately, each of these banners should be replicable for additional teaching points, so in essence we're asking for a template design.

For example, a teaching point for History could be "world capitals". If you make a design with specific content for Paris, France, it should be easy to re-use the basic layout, fonts, elements etc for Tokyo, Japan and Sydney, Australia etc., just switching out a photograph or graphic icon and text.

Similarly, other categories would have their own specific formatting elements that would stay the same, and content that changes for each teaching points, like a good template.

Things that remain the same are the design elements (fonts, color palette, formatting blocks etc)

Things that change are the content elements (Title "Pythagorean Theorem" Brief explanation "Find the area of a right triangle" Graphic (representing the geometry behind the formula), Formula "a2 + b2 = c2")

We're looking for creative ways to communicate core concepts in a bite-sized format. Feel free to experiment.

AI or Photoshop are OK.
Do not rasterize any vector art.
Photographic images must be placed as smart objects so they don't lose their native resolution.
Iconography must be vector-based.

NOTE: For your initial submissions we don't expect to see all 5 subject matters, but we would want to see both format sizes to see how your design vision translates across the two proportions. As we give feedback and move along with designs we like, we would eventually want to see all 5 subjects matters.

Please let us know if you have any questions.



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