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Let me tell you about us.

We are crowdSPRING - the creative marketplace. Since launching our site in May, we've garnered over 5,000 registered users (and growing!) and have listed 500+ design projects ranging from logos and stationery to ads and web site design. Beverage can labels have been born on our site. Bands like Judas Priest and Phantom Planet have gotten merch and promotional tools from our creatives. Also, hundreds of small business have gotten their creative from us. We believe in what we do and the power of our community-based creative model. In fact, we believe in it so much that our own web design and logo stemmed from our community!

Here is what we need:

So, here's the skinny. We want to bring more buyers to crowdSPRING so we have more projects posted, creatives awarded, and more of that warm and fuzzy feeling all around!

One of the ways we'll be attracting new buyers is through an internet ad campaign targeting small business owners, entrepreneurs, and basically anyone who already has a company or is thinking of starting a company.We're going to need banners that capture the essence of crowdSPRING and attract buyers to post a project on our site (so you can make more money!).Where else would we turn to except our community of awesome creatives to design our banners??

As far as copy goes, it's up to you! You're the creatives that use our site and we trust you. We know that our personality should reflect in our product. We're real people! The internet isn't this scary place, and the last thing we are is a big, bureaucratic corporation. It's important for our others to instantly grasp that the crowdSPRING brand is friendly and human.

Please remember that we are looking to target buyers, so there is a different message versus targeting creatives.

Several main selling points for buyers include:

- Access to many choices and the exposure to a pool of global creative talent

- A '25 entries or you walk' guarantee

- Naming your own price (versus receiving bids for projects) and seeing contributions

- Viewing actual design concepts

There's probably no way to fit these messages all on one banner - so decide what you think is most important.

As a new company, it's also important for people to understand that our process is relatively simple. We've dedicated most of our home page to explaining it: 1. Post a project. 2. Watch the world contribute ideas. 3. Choose the one you like. And you can feel free to use that homepage graphic if you want (we kind of dig it).

We prefer the banners to be transitional. In your submissions, just make sure to storyboard out the layers in a panel instead of submitting multiple entries (we'll do the transitional animation ourselves). And ultimately, we'll need the design to work in 2 different assets (same copy and design): a leaderboard (728x90) and a skyscraper (160x600). Feel free to just submit one size as your example if you like - then we'll just make the other match at the end of the project.

Our target audience is:

For the purposes of this campaign, our target audience is mainly small businesses and entrepreneurs. People starting businesses and blogs and websites - these are the kinds of folks who need logos and web pages and flyers. So put yourself in their shoes and try to think of what kind of banner you'd click on. What's the one thing that would impress you enough to click? Now make a banner around that...

We like these designs:

As you can see by the site, we're big fans of simplicity - so keep it simple and clean. Seriously - if there's one thing that we can tell you, it's that we like things simple and clean. And we're also big fans of the blue on site (can you tell?!). It's sort of our 'thing' so try to incorporate that somehow. It really stands out and it's a really vivid cue to people who click through that they're at the right place. But other than that, let's see what you've got!

Our design absolutely must have:

Our logo is attached for you to include. And again, as far as a color scheme goes, stay in the crowdSPRING family color palette of cyan, dark grey, white, black, and magenta. We like sans-serif type faces: the one in our logo + front page image is VAG Rounded from the Adobe font family.

Keep it simple, clean, fun, and engaging!Have fun, and we're excited to see all of your ideas!



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