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There are no client updates at this time.

Please check out: www.tinker.com

One of the forms of ad products that are coming out of www.tinker.com is the StreamAd ad units in four IAB standard ad sizes (300*250, 160*600, 768*60 and 300*600 among which 300*250 is the most common and crucial) that will run across the Glam network. Check out the following link for some functional designs of what can be embedded into these units in terms of live feed from Tinker/Twitter. These designs are just to show functionality, and are not to be considered as a base design:


We need to create a few new cool and attractive ad designs for our clients that leverage the Tinker live feed, while driving high performance. Glam will be templatizing these ad designs into its Glam Apps platform that drives the distributed ad unit, so that they can be used for different clients for several campaigns.

The goals:

- Clarity: It should be clear when someone sees the ad as to whats going on that this ad shows the real-time social conversation happening related to the brand.

- High engagement rate: We will be able to track every action, interaction and engagement on the ad by the user: What they did, how long they did it for, sequence of what they did and so on.

- High click through rate: We want as many people to click on the ads as possible -

Things to Note:

- In the example above, mousing over the logo expands the video, and this functionality needs to be taken into account when coming up with the new designs. In other words, user interaction triggering various actions, including video are OK and encouraged, as long as it is within the banner.

- The Tinker feed itself could have any font, font size, color, and so on. It can have the Twitter users picture, the time stamp, a Refresh link and a Follow link. -

- The unit must have the Tinker logo somewhere, linking back to Tinker.com to establish the platform on which this ad is running.

- The Tinker Trends charts can also be considered as a feed and can become a part of the ad. Go to tinker.com and click on Trends, and then historical trends.

This is our first CrowdSpring project. We have dozens of such requirements and are looking for some solid relationships with designers, using the CrowdSpring platform. We will be happy to increase the budget in later projects, after this first experiment is successful.


Heres an example. Please see the screen shots:


heres the campaigns landing page:


The interesting thing to note is that the ad is all about feeds of all types + the brand and they have been able to bring those together very well into the ad. Tinker is also all about feeds of different types and its ad design should be able to bring feeds together in a cohesive, attractive and comprehensible fashion.

Ad 1 Brief:

Here's an actual brand you can use to create the ad with:

The brand: http://www.fox.com/dance/

There can be videos in the ads basically some of the videos from the above link.

300*250 is the primary size.

Deliverables: PSDs that can be used to create the ad with.

Ultimately, though we need PSDs for each screen of the animation, for submission purposes, in you could also provide flash files that demonstrate the user interaction.

Thats the brief! Lets create it!

Please feel free to write to yogeshs@glam.com directly if you have any questions. Thanks!



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