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Hello, we need an ANIMATED banner advertisement (468x60) for our www.IndianAstrologyAdvice.com site.

The banner must be an .swf or animated .gif, and a maximum 50k file size. The key graphic idea is that a user of our Ammas Professional service receives a lot of assistance, from many people, all ready to help you, whatever your need. (As if you are being pampered by them). Not just one advisor/helper, but a whole group/crowd of them helping you.

Maybe something like the way a celebrity sometimes has an entourage of people, tending their hair, taking their calls, pairing their toe-nails, tidying their dress, etc. Ammas Professional is like that. A lot of people working together just for you.

The first banner will be for www.IndianAstrologyAdvice.com -- but we want to use the same graphic idea for many similar sites -- such as www.indianecareeradvice.com and www.indiantaxadvice.com. Just changing the text slightly for each one.

So for IndianAstrologyAdvice.om, the text is -- "India's top astrologers... working together...just for you. Ammas Professional. Massively Intelligent."

For IndianTaxAdvice the text would be -- "India's top tax advisors...working together...just for you. Ammas Professional. Massively Intelligent."

So first we want the original animated design -- a generic design which can be used across the different categories -- of a crowd/group of advisors/helpers ready to help you. (Perhaps in simple silhouette, like ipod ads -- something like that? Or you will have your own suggetions no doubt)

General target market is Indian middle class professional, early 30s.



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