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A Graphic Designer, a Photographer, a Content Writer, a Stylist… An introvert and a perfectionist – that’s who I am. ‘VisualThought’ is what I am called outside of crowdSPRING, and the reason? Simple - if you have a thought, I turn it into a something tangible! It doesn’t matter if the end product is a captivating picture, an ingenious brochure or compelling content; if you think that your business needs something more – I will make that perfect ‘more’ happen. My education has taught me how to be a good Graphic Designer and Photographer. The ‘writing’ stems from pure passion - which is why I do a lot more writing on crowdSPRING than I do designing. :) I freelance because the ‘mundane’ bores me. I like to choose what I spend my time working on. I thrive on creative challenges – they inspire me, and once I’m hooked onto a project that’s all I think about - even when I’m doing household chores! In fact, some of my best ideas have come to me when I’m cooking or grooming my dog! (Both of which I thoroughly enjoy, by the way.)

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