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Samuel is a social innovator, writer, poet and creative thinker. Samuel is currently the Challengefuture Action Team Writers’ Leader; a virtual team of young international writers curling the brains of the Challengefuture community and people all over the world with educative and informative contents. I'm well-grounded in proofreading, editing, creative writing, content writing and articles writing. To be the best of myself in all that I do is what I want. I wish to showcase the best in me; to achieve excellence and success in all my endeavors. I understand that determination, motivation and diligence are indispensable to success. That's why I am motivated and determined––even in my smallest of acts. I am poised to grow from strength to strength. My passion for writing prodded me into the CrowdSpring community. If you like something I have written, have comments or questions, or need to share any idea with me, feel free to reach out to me.