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Vee Designs Inc is a one-person creative shop in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area of Minnesota, USA. I specialize in all kinds of brand design and design of 2D products, pattern design, as well as packaging and interface design. I'm also incorporated, so for US buyers, that means you don't have to 1099 me and can treat me as you would any large vendor. I have worked at some of the best agencies in town and know my stuff – from art direction down to production, I have a strategy every step of the way. I love designs and aim a bit higher with my work to give the brand something to grow into – better than growing out of your brand! Why the name "Venus"? Venus is a planet we can see most easily, aka “the evening star” – if your design shines brightly, you stand out from your competition and are the first to be noticed. It’s also the name of a fly-trapping carnivorous plant – with alluring visual appeal and content, you catch hold of your target market. She’s also a goddess who knows about beauty – good design leads with the eyes, follows with the heart, and you to fall in love with the brand.

8 Winning entries

Gregg Braden Audio Program Cover Project

A $500 Print design project

veedesigns participated with 19 other designers who submitted 106 entries and was awarded $500. View this project »

everything was fine. venusdesigns is a great designer to work with. thanks j dstrutzel

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