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Tom McKeith was born in Dumbarton, Scotland, in 1948. He moved to the USA at the age of 22 to study photography at the University of Connecticut. Subsequently he moved to California to continue his studies. He had the great fortune of spending five summers studying with Ansel Adams at his Photographic Workshops in Carmel. Having attained a Masters Degree in Photography at California State University at Fullerton he began teaching the subject at California State University at Los Angeles. At the same time he was also carving a niche for himself as an illustrator in the magazine and book publishing industry. It was this circumstance which led him to move to Sacramento, California, where he was offered a position as an editorial illustrator for e.Republic. He has continued to enlarge on his artistic visions employing various media. His most recent venture is the use of the computer as a visual tool, employing his knowledge of photography, drawing and painting to seamlessly create a world both mysterious and welcoming.