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I’M A GRAPHIC DESIGNER My name is Catur Ady S, and I have more than 7 years of graphic design experiences as a full time designer which time I produced mostly printed designs both single page and multipage publications. As a self-taught designer I am really open to all new things on graphic design subjects, both in concepts and technical skills. And my research interest areas are Branding & Illustration. I’M A FREELANCER Started as a freelance designer few years ago. I am experienced in handling local and international clients, mostly in branding projects. So, If you like my works and think you might like to hire me, you should get in touch and tell me about your project

24 Winning entries

Max Lo Realtor Logo - Next Generation - Son VS. Father!

A $250 Logo Design project

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Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Logo Design $550 Awarded 463

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