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I am the Founder of Manor Works Painting for the last 12 years. As a business owner, I understand how important a cohesive business image / identity will help attract the target market, as well as, justify a price premium. I am passionate about the Craft Beer industry, and I am opening my own nano-brewery in the next year. Developing the right look for the Company, even before we make our first batch of beer, will help create buzz before we open our doors.

15 completed projects

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Antithesis: Logo for Craft Brewery / Nano Brewery

A $1275 Logo Design project

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I was glad to have been asked to join this project on the first place and then enjoyed working on the development of the Antithesis look.... pickpocket


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Collateral for Logo/Corporate Identity for Beer Wholesaler Logo & Business Card $269 Complete 14
Edgy/Dark Label Design for a Beer Bottle. Illustration $660 Complete 87
Online Poster/Ad for Halloween Beer Festival Print design $239 Complete 78
Manifesto for Esoteric Brewery Marketing Copy $700 Complete 78
Tagline, Slogan, Motto for a Micro-Brewery making extreme beers Tagline $800 Complete 631
Antithesis: Logo for Craft Brewery / Nano Brewery Logo Design $1275 Complete 266