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Member since: sep 20, 2009

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I’m a globally minded Creative Strategist, Entrepreneur and Visual & UX Designer presently working for AgSquared and pursuing new consulting and long term opportunities. Where I’ve been? I heeded the advice of a terrific coach in high school to “Go East Young Man”. I know that’s usually said about the west, but I’ll get there eventually. Heading that advice I found myself studying architecture in Boston while working as a junior graphics and marketing creative for a couple of really cool architecture firms (It was insanely fun and such a growth experience). From there I let my faith journey take me along a new path and I ended up in Morocco, initially for ten days, but later I lived there for six months and continue to go back and visit from time to time. I think I’ll continue looking east and end up west at some point along the way. Oh, and did I mention the StartupBus? speaking of journeys, be sure to ask me about that. SXSW what a trip! So, here I am, relocating to Chicago, occasionally traveling the world, Interfacing websites and applications for AgSquared and consulting, and collaborating with many friends in the NYC, KC, and Chicago startup communities. Some of the things that get my juices flowing are… design, faith, living in community, swimming, adventuring around the world, seeing and experiencing nature, exploring new cultures and new cities, understanding people, enjoying life, and oh, learning about how to live gluten free as I found out I’m allergic, there is gluten in just about everything!