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I am creative, imaginative person and I am able to adopt and pick up new technologies to use in the favor of creating what's best for my client needs. I love to emphasize my creativity of design by constructing innovative design schemes to perfection, which is what my clients get when they work with me. My mantra is; it isn't enough just to look good, it has to be good. Working for many clients from across the globe, I have gained the necessary workmanship, technical and communication skills that help me excel and to give optimal services to my clients. Being multiculturally sensitive and having 3 languages assists my international clients to feel confident that I can complete all their needs for web development for an international platform My technical skills are in a set of languages and tools that I implement to design and develop quality work everyday. These are: HTML5, CSS3, WordPress. I also work with responsive web design and graphical tools such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, fireworks and After Effects.

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