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Hi. I’m Steven. Wickedly creative, I can craft you a name or tagline that arouses passion and intrigue in your customer. You may have heard the advice that says you have to grab your customer’s attention. Ignore it: You have to seduce. No one likes to be grabbed. I take words and shape them in to objects of beauty and fascination. I believe wholeheartedly that people are not drawn to names and taglines because they are attention grabbing or simply informative, but because they result in a positive emotional experience. Do I smile with satisfaction or relief or anticipation when I see your name or tagline? I may not even be consciously aware of the seduction – but I am moved by it. When this happens you really are in the mind and heart of your customer. What I am singularly good at is finding emotion based words to describe a business, a product or a service. Surrender to temptation and take a peek at what I have to offer. Let the seduction begin…

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Tagline - Prince of Peace Catholic School, Plano, TX

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Undershirt Goes Mobile! Tagline Project, Bonus Award! Tagline $400 Awarded 883
Name for fast casual restaurant serving plant-based proteins. Company Naming $200 Awarded 360

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