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I'm a psychologist by trade. When I'm not being all shrink-like, I'm working on creative ideas. My colleagues know to come to me when they need a name or tagline for a group, book, or website. If you give me some good parameters I'll get you what you want, or at least a close approximation. Without those parameters I can also let my mind flitter about and see what emerges. I look forward to collaborating with you!

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new NAME for a Consulting Firm

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Simplification of sourcing of IT services (B2B) Company Naming $239 4 days 309
Nail Polish Name Product Naming $239 15 hours 726
Cookware positioning Tagline $200 Closed 899
Natural Sunscreen Line for Kids and Families Company Naming $200 Closed 370
Ultra-Board (current name & we are not happy about it). It's a large form factor collaboration tool Product Naming $200 Closed 392
Campaign slogan for embarrassed people getting honked at. Tagline $215 Closed 479
Name our core product! Product Naming $239 Awarded 280

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