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I am always available for freelance ... verrips.adv.pub@comcast.net I publish the Amador County Magazine about every 24 months. During the California gold rush, the most gold was taken from Amador County. Audience ... locals and tourists .. 300 4-color photos, 20 AAA maps, 132 pages ... I am the editor, sell the ads and design most of them ... takes a hundred to get to press. Barbara Braasch (she writes for Sunset Books) writes the stories ... photographers Kam Merzlak and Richard Carter are staff photographers. Kams father, Ralph Merzlak, shot several editions. (the Merzlaks are on the net) Distribution of last edition ... four California Welcome Centers, (Pier 39, San Luis Obispo, Merced and Auburn) the San Jose Airport, Old Sacramento Railroad Museum ... several visitors centers and hotels ... Working now on the sixth edition. I was the art director for City Girl Magazine ... have pulled several co-op promotions together for Midtown Sacramento. For years, my advertising agency was across the street from historical Sutter's Fort. Yes, I have been in the advertising design business for years. Now ... fortunate Amador is a beautiful, historical California county of 35,000 people ... loaded with towns and communities that look much as they did in the 1850s. Great stories ... rollling foothlls to 7600 ft Sierra peaks near Tahoe. I feel privileged to promote them to the world.

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