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“Rags to riches,” conjures an image of one leaving the estate of poverty for something more substantial. But for me, The Word Smith, I want more from this phrase. Words: rags, riches...too flat. Can I juice them up a bit? Sure I can. How about, “Burlap to Cashmere?” Now The Word Smith is taking you somewhere. The rags are defined. The riches are refined. Burlap: that irritatingly scratchy sackcloth used to store coffee beans. And, cashmere: the garment fitting for a king's skin...warm, soft, luxurious. Now say it, “burrrrrlap.” Again, “cashmere.” Now its about phonics. How does it sound? The words sound the way they feel. Burlap, blah. Cashmere, ahhh! Hi folks! I'm Mike or more familiar to you as SgtSlogan. I just described the function and purpose of a word smith. My job is finding the right word or phrase for your product, service, business name or tag line. It's all about the words. I love words. A few of my favorite would include: apothecary, menagerie, sizzle, and of course...perpendicular. Like, “ Is your wibb wobbler working Perpendicular to your wrastling jacket?” Funny phrase handed down from Grandma Gert. In any case, my goal is to get you out of that “burlap” and get you fitted in some “cashmere.” *note: Burlap to Cashmere is the name of a band. And a good name too!

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Great Creative. If you want someone who actually puts some thought into the project and follows your lead. Look no further. Great Job! Shogunn

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