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Member since: jun 17, 2008

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Cha I'm in super love with Phantom Planet and this whole t-shirt project thing isn't for the money its for the fun. And I'm pretty sure I won't win but just doing it has be so much fun and given me something to do. Winning would be nice because that means some of my favorite people would be wearing something I designed... people who love the same band as I. =] So I'm a sixteen year old thats almost a Junior ... as soon as school starts anyway which would be great if it didn't soon ^^ and uhh yeah write me if you like I'm very friendly and make it a goal to never judge but please be nice to me and I love to see other peoples imaginations take fold in thier artwork so if you feel prideful or accomplished on something you did feel free to share, I'll either give constructive ciritcism or tell you what i definity like depending on which you want or need. Alright peace out and love all ~ Julia