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Welcome..Since I was in Senior High School, I’d gotten achievements in some graphic design contests in my country. After finishing my education then, I was hired by an Event Organizer as a Graphic Designer. I’ve gotten much experience there that made me to be a good designer. After 2 year passed, I decided to resign from my job, and continued my studying to get a higher knowledge about graphic design. And now, I work as freelance graphic designer with inventing rioDesign. I’ve made some great designs for my customers. Feel free to see them here. Actually I am not working as Graphic Designer. I only do my hobby. It’s Graphic Design. I really love it. Do you know what will be happened if someone do something with passion and love? You know it, something incredible and exceptional will be happened. So, it's what you'll get if you hire me. Because I love Graphic Design, and I do my job with passion and love. Trust Me!