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A True Story of a Designer Life indeed has taken rather surprising twist and turns over the course of five years. I have been told many times that I have become a “Jack of all traits and Master of none”, and perhaps this term may seem apt - because I started off with a passion for baking cakes and playing the piano at a young age (which I still do with joy) and then after a period of time, I pursued my studies in English Literature, intensely drawn into the world of Milton, Wilde and Shakespeare. Finally this epiphany of being a designer dawned onto me in 2003. Well, since then, my love and passion for design has been sort of a tug of war; but my heart feels heavy when I imagine letting it go and I know strongly, this is what I really want. My heart feels heavy because of my: Forte - I have very strong conceptualizing skills and a talent for the English language Skills - Possess good skills in Illustrator, Photoshop and 3ds Max Character – Dedicated and professional Eagerly hoping, to create stories in every design work.

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I thought that renovung was very good at taking what was there and putting their spin on it while making many concepts easier for the lay... cgpacker

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