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President of People Marketing Thom Pletcher spends most of his time in a thought cave. This does not mean he is a cave man any more than someone who spends most of his time in a home is a couch. Thom says "I spend most of my time thinking, You can take advantage of all of the miles on my brain. The one thing in life I am good at is figuring things out. " Thom has no real interest in being a spokesman, his personality type is INTP. Introverted, Intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. Thom says "Sometimes I get lost in my thoughts and process ideas for days, leading to a solution to what I was thinking about, but everyone else wonders where I have been. Thom is a big Idea guy. If you are looking for a visionary perspective, or an idea that breaks ground and sets you up for success, he is your man.