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Fresh PowerPoint template design for trendreport

A $300 Presentation project

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we are really happy for the co operation of the buyer. webmedia


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Webpage background design for youth tech and media community Landing Page (uncoded) $650 Complete 33
Website background for community for mothers Landing Page (uncoded) $650 Complete 30
Logo for Trend and Innovation community website Logo $600 Complete 204
Striking presentation design for innovative marketing research agency Presentation $1000 Complete 74
Logo for marketing and research blog Logo $400 Complete 120
Not your average logo and stationary for innovative marketing consultancy Logo AND Stationery $500 Complete 111
Clear and strong logo for information visualization agency Logo AND Stationery $420 Complete 78
Distinct logo for innovative marketing research company Logo $380 Complete 110
Logo for 'Trendbuster' blog & website on 'myths and facts about trends' Logo $300 Complete 74
Fresh PowerPoint template design for trendreport Presentation $300 Complete 17