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I am Dr. Naureen Huda, a dentist by professional studies but working in Research writing, training, management and administration. Whenever I think about writing for myself, I always get the words once uttered by great Nelson Mandela in my mind which goes like “You are a child of God, You’re playing small doesn’t serve the World.” And a thought process starts in my mind as to Who am I, What’s my purpose on Earth? etc etc. My bio is always divided into professional & personal. On professional front, I feel I am an innovative, expressive and vibrant individual with an experience of 7 + years in a Research intensive institution offering proven expertise in directing diverse assignments on Research management and administration, research based trainings and research communications etc. Key professional responsibilities include; keeping an eye on the relevant research funding opportunities and disseminating that Information to all faculty, working on the research related pages on the University website on a program called “Share point.” I have also developed expertise in collection, compilation and management of research grants and publications related information, and its analysis based on thematic area/s, type/s and $ value/s and other outcome indicators. On personal side, I am a daughter, a sister of two siblings, a mother of a two year old boy and of course a wife…My son has given me the greatest happiness of my life. My passion is to stay fit and healthy for the years to come…To be honest, I want to be a healthy and fit grandma after 30 years or soooo… One of the important notions of life, which I always try to follow, is the idea of “Enabling Environment.” I have used this approach and it has grown out of my impatience with overly simple myths about how development really works. This concept "Enabling Environment" reminds me that the full context of interacting forces must be brought together if sustainable development is to be achieved. The term also recognizes that even the right environment is still only an enabling condition -- not a sufficient one. I therefore try to create enabling possibilities of work that could invoke and enhance my creativity and make me lead a life of purpose.