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Welcome to my little corner here at CrowdSPRING. The essentials: I'm a 35 year-old freelance copywriter, currently residing in the City of Angels. I immigrated to the U.S. in 2013 based on an 'exceptional ability in the arts' visa. During the last few years I won more than 130 brand naming, domain naming and slogan contests online. Words have been my best friends ever since I learned my ABC’s. With their kind assistance: I published a short story book and short stories in magazines, won prizes in national writing contests, got a BA in screenwriting, worked as a book reviewer, and lately worked with a Grammy winning producer on my songs. Though manipulating your best friends isn’t something you should normally do, manipulating words into creative and witty new forms is what I excel at. If you’re interested in working with a creative wordsmith who will be passionate about your endeavor as much as you are, please feel free to send me a message.

28 Winning entries

Renaming STREET FOOD WORLD (cookbooks)

A $239 Company Naming project

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Name for new mobile app for beauty Company Naming $479 8 days 86
LAPTOPS PROJECT Company Naming $239 6 days 131
Name for a Innovative Global eCommerce Distribution Platform/Service Company Naming $239 29 hours 423
New 4 Star Hotel Tagline Tagline $200 25 hours 225
Name for Fantasy RPG game with Blackjack battle system Product Naming $400 10 hours 296
Commercial Insurance for the Pet Industry Product Naming $200 Closed 293
quality food company Company Naming $200 Closed 263
Exou Product name Product Naming $200 Closed 231
Unique Experiences for Fans Company Naming $200 Closed 830
Naming a luxury line of beauty products Company Naming $239 Closed 374

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