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If you've established a trademark for your business (or plan on doing so), then you understand the importance of distinguishing your product or service from others in the marketplace. Great brands impact sales and market share. If you'd like to develop a great brand, I will show you how. During my legal career as a trademark lawyer, I worked with countless product managers and marketing professionals. The challenges we faced together in establishing and defending their brand initiatives informed my development of a brand consulting business. My creative services for clients include creation of company names, product/​service names, website content and taglines. I am the author of Understanding Trademark Law: A Beginner’s Guide. A crucial tool for the business owner’s toolbox, the book is a how-to for business owners and marketers on trademark rights acquisition and enforcement. My latest book is From Brand X to Brand Rex: 5 S.M.A.R.T. and Easy Steps to Create a Cult of Personality for Your Brand and Increase Sales.

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Name Our Energy Program!

A $250 Product Naming project

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Mostly disappointed with the suggestions. If we use the service again it would probably only be for logo designs. Bangor_Hydro

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Group Fitness Training Program Company Naming $239 Closed 426
Short and distinctive name for a startup company Company Naming $250 Awarded 232

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