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Logo Design for Hardcore Water Sports

A $200 Logo Design project

krvnovelty received 58 entries from 18 designers. View this project »

Lucian is great buyer, who really know the direction He up to. Really an honor and pleasure to work with. Thanks again for awarding me... HaGE


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
"Big Ol'" brand logo Logo Design $201 Complete 107
Need an AMAZING logo for our growing pool supply business! Logo Design $200 Complete 31
Need a great new logo for our new water sports safety equipment brand Logo Design $200 Complete 92
SoCal Rafting Logo Logo Design $400 Complete 60
Logo design for Hardcore Motor Sports Logo Design $200 Complete 58
A fresh new design for the River Rat character Illustration $325 Complete 46
Logo Design for Hardcore Water Sports Logo Design $200 Complete 58