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Born in a small town in Texas, I hold on to my Texan heritage even though I only lived there for a few years. Most of my life has been in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, right up against the Front Range. I never fully appreciated waking up to a view of Pikes Peak and living in a home surrounded by pine trees until I graduated from high school and began my travels. After graduation, I went to a Bible School in Sweden. While there I traveled all around Europe. I went to Norway, England, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, and Denmark. Spending two and a half weeks seeing all the big cities while using the Eurorail was quite an adventure filled with exciting and scary events. I have always loved to play volleyball, and when I came back from Sweden I decided to do my best to find a college to play at. A huge blessing including a scholarship and the chance to continue my volleyball career came from a junior college in Wyo. My major is mass media: journalism, at least for now; however, I am continuing to take science classes in case I switch back to my childhood dream of being a zoologist/actor like Steve Irwin. I have now completed my freshman year there and look forward to wherever life takes me next. I love spending time with family and friends, listening to music, watching movies, camping, reading, playing volleyball and of course, writing.

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