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Professional DIY rental carpet cleaning machine delivery service

A $2000 Company Naming project

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Modern Logo for Innovative Cleaning Product Design and Manufacturing Company Logo Design $425 Complete 431
Product Brochures-Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine and Chemicals Delivery Service Print design $720 Complete 121
Package Design for Consumer Household Cleaning Accessory Package Graphics $2000 Complete 175
Logo for a Innovative new product Logo Design $1000 Complete 1096
Naming of a company that manufactures home cleaning products Company Naming $800 Complete 1527
Redesign of Corporate Logo and Icon-Cleaning Products Company Logo Design $2000 Complete 852
Company Logo for Rental Delivery service of carpet cleaners Logo Design $1300 Complete 1208
Professional DIY rental carpet cleaning machine delivery service Company Naming $2000 Complete 1574