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My whole life has revolved around the world of creative arts. I have a BA in Music and a BA in Organizational Management. I'm very skilled in Vector Graphic Logo Design, Photoshop Art Design, and Concept Art Design. I also dabble in Traditional Animation, and 3-D Modeling & Animation. I have done concept sketches and an animated short for a non-profit organization, and logo and t-shirt designs for numerous companies. I am also a member of a global open source team of 3-D artists. I love to draw, color, sing, and act on stage! Without the arts, life would be so dull! Even those who would not call themselves artistic certainly apprectiate the arts! Even Science and Mathematics are full of the arts! Look at the colors of various minerals and the shapes of fossils! For mathematics, look at the works of M.C. Escher! One reason people go on vacation is to take in the scenery of a majestic mountain or lake and to experience the various tastes of fine dining! The arts are the most effective and universal form of communication! A picture is worth a thousand words! The arts evoke emotion, they get to the heart of things!

2 Winning entries

AJC Games, Inc.

A $400 Logo Design project

jsummit participated with 16 other designers who submitted 141 entries and was awarded $25. View this project »

Very accomodating, did great detail work, and put in a lot of effort. Good creative, hope to work with again. GameMaker

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
The Beetle Project (Car Rentals & Tours) Logo Design $400 Awarded 70

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