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What brings me to this site? I so believe I have the knack for portmanteaus and twisting English words that it has become a talent/skill that I never leave out from my resume. I just love words and creativity. In fact, I’ve made a blog for naming alone. What do I get from naming even when I'm not winning? I like that naming enhances my learning ability to pick up new words and meanings every time I'm on here. Teaching every day never tarnishes your memory, so does naming! What I've been up to these days? Apart from looking forward to having more time submitting my name ideas for those needing help, I’ve been learning more about content and social media management . I'm a virtual assistant from the central part of the Philippines. My current work relates to telecom marketing, and it has been challenging so far. What do I hate the most about the ecosystem? I go through the roof when I see lizards, especially the tokay. They make so much noise that can be heard in the entire community. They sound like a senile couple past 90 years of marriage having a blast in orgasm. And it's not like the noise stops in a minute or two, it just goes on and on for almost an hour. Yes, they mind their own business… you know trapping flies in every Filipino home, but the sound of tokay is horrendous. They scare the heck out of me. But don’t get me wrong, I’m no animal hater. I’ll probably make a new blog inspired by my dislike of lizards, and I’m going to name it Miss Geckophobic.