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Member since: sep 29, 2008

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Incredipaul is the not-so-secret alias of professional designer/illustrator/all-round-creative-superhero, Paul Charles. He’s a visual person. He gets a buzz from seeing work that delights, entices, and inspires; it’s a key value that he strives for in his own work. As a designer, he works on behalf of international brands, charities and independents, producing a plethora of creative outputs; everything from rocket launcher brochures to Christmas displays for shopping malls in the Middle East and everything in between. As an illustrator, he’s known for producing bright, fun, colourful and engaging imagery. Working in both traditional and digital mediums, his work lends itself to educational material, training resources, advertising and personalised commissions. As an all-round creative superhero he might not have a cape or wear full-body lycra, but he does have a enviable selection of felt-tip pens and he’s not afraid to use them.

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Coffee Van Design

A $350 Print design project

incredipaul participated with 15 other designers who submitted 82 entries and was awarded $350. View this project »

Great interpretation from the first entry. Very quick in incorporating feedback and providing the final files! Thank you! raistlindbz

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