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We are a team of two, husband and wife, whom – together – have over 8 years experience in the IT field. We both hold Bachelors of Science degrees in Management Information Systems and Information Technology. My career began in the accounting department of a homebuilder. I then moved into the purchasing department and on up to the corporate life. This is where I began my career in IT. I helped to support over 8000 users on multiple different applications, which included training, documenting, and implementing. (You can review my resume if you like.) My husband began his career as a teenager working for the military in their IT department. From there he moved up in the IT world in different industries. Security, support, servers – you name it, he did it. After a large lay off, my husband and I began our venture doing what we do best – web design and writing. He works a full time job while supporting me and providing assistance as needed. I, on the other hand, work freelancing full time – on top of raising our kids that is. We offer a unique skill (CSS, HTML, ASP.Net, AJAX, Adobe CS3, SQL, LINQ, SharePoint, Active Directory, and much more. We are passionate about providing solutions that make you and your customers happy. We strive for superb communication and long lasting business relationships. We both spend several hours every week researching and keeping up with what’s new in the online world and overall technology field. We do this for two reasons, (1) because we love technology and (2) to make sure you have the latest and greatest! What you can expect from ITJunqies – (1) reasonable and fair pricing (within your budget), (2) timely and professional delivery, (3) personable and professional communication, (4) dedication, (5) original files at completion of project, and (6) documentation (when necessary) for future maintenance and changes. As our business expands, we will share new concepts and designs with you, check back frequently to see what’s new, what we’re doing for others, and new services that we might be offering!

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