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LOGO DESIGN $40 an hour BOOK DESIGN AND LAYOUT $40 an hour cover design plus costs. $200 plus $1-$4 per page for book design and layout. Two hours of corrections are included, after that I charge $30 an hour. (I strongly recommend that you have your book copy-edited and proofed before layout.) PDF files made ready for you to use, or I will upload for you (free) to Amazon's services. If your book is text only, I will include a Kindle file for no extra charge. COOKBOOKS $600 cover design. $300 plus $8 per page for book design and layout. Editing $8 a page, includes proofing. Recipe testing available from I. A. C. P., Slow Foods and the New York Association of Cooking Teachers member. KEYNOTE / POWERPOINT PRODUCTION $25 an hour. I have a large collection of images. PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Coordination of all aspects of publication (photography, printing, editing, proofing, layout): $10 a page. PUBLICATION Title upload and set-up with Amazon's CreateSpace, Lightning Source, or printer of choice. I'd be glad to help you find a printer that meets your needs. I like to use Thomson-Shore and Quad Graphics. Sales Sheet production. E-BOOK CONVERSION: $25 per 10K words. Over ten years experience in print-on-demand publishing. To be sure, Heather is the closest professional to an actual "book doctor" here in Northern Michigan. Heather is competent in all matters relating to manuscript development and the publishing process. —Mark Dressler, former BookExpo America Director of Education