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Primarily, I write love letters. Or short stories. Or sacred poetry. Sure, a multimedia novel for the iPad -- that too. Yet I was among the top 25 bloggers writing in the Marketing category (according to Alexa) in 2004 and 2005. I once worked in strategic marketing roles for software and Internet companies. I've advised primarily high-technology industry clients on their word-of-mouth, participatory (and customer-centric) marketing strategies encompassing the conception, design and market delivery phases via Web 2.0, social media, blogs, wikis, RSS. I've spoken at social media conferences including NEWCOMM Forum, Syndicate, SxSW, Blog Business Summit, BlogHer and others. However -- and this is a huge however -- that is all in the past. You cannot hire me as a marketer any longer, except here on Crowdspring. You see on December 26, 2004 I survived the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands. In writing from the hospital in Thailand, I noticed that people didn't want statistics and facts of journalism, or public relations. What actually screams in a screaming world these days is the truly heartfelt. A whisper reverberates. That's what I write, now. Since then, I work pro-bono for arts and culture projects I believe in. For instance, the latest: a digital literacy and interactive game development after-school program for urban youth in New Orleans, see http://www.refresheverything.com/nolagame. I'm also writing a multimedia narrative (imagine a cross between a comic book serial and an online game -- now, imagine it on an iPhone or iPad). In other words, any earnings from my Crowdspring projects are a way to fund artistic and cultural projects for everyone in my muse network. Thank you!