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My name is Erion Johnny Dushi. I was born on 15/24/1984, in Albania, Europe. I've finished the University of Tirana, Economic faculty for Management. Designing is my hobby and i was helped in this by my brother who is a designer too. I love graphic design because by art it brings ideas to life and makes people look beautiful. What i love mostly in it is the way you can work with the shapes, letters and other instruments of creativity. What made me search about CrowdSpring and be a part of it? Somewhere, someday, i read e paragraph where was written: "I live to be creative. As a freelancer I choose what companies and clients I take on and that gives me the freedom to work for companies and people I feel passionate about and create work that inspires and meets expectations. I can work in a variety of environments by taking my laptop and working from anywhere in the world. I’ve worked remotely from almost all over the US, Europe… and of course my home city. I get paid to be creative and come up with great ideas??? What else is there?!?" And that's what make me search about freelance and online contests till i made it up to this blog which even though i'm so fresh at it doesn't mean i don't have to get it on top. That's my ambition, and that's why i'll keep working as a designer on this site and will be part of a lot of projects. Why should you come up to me for a design you need for your business, yourself or even an event? That's simple. I don't do this for a living. I do this because I LOVE THIS. You should come to me because i'll promise you the best communication ever and the concentration and the respect you deserve. Enjoy your staying! And while you're here let's create something amazing together. Sincerely yours Erion Johnny Dushi