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I have been drawing since I was about 4 yrs. old. My dad was a U.S. Marine for 22 yrs. This job of his forced us to move around the world every 2-4 yrs. After graduating from High school in Northern Philadelphia, I went into the U.S. Navy for four years. During that time I was practicing many different medias and subjects of art. I was drawing cartoons, portraits, footwear, etc. After leaving the Navy I went to college for Art. Receiving an Associates in art was not enough. I then moved to Denver, CO to attend the Art Institute of Colorado for Industrial Design. Fellow classmates and professors quoted me as being in the top three sketchers at the school. I can now draw about anything, but, I've recently realised that it is my imagination that is my best quality. I can think of very original ideas in any subject. I actually contribute that to not having a t.v. as a kid. My brother and I were always making up our own activities. One of the other passions that I have is mathematics. I can analyze to no end. I can study a perfect product and tell you what they forgot to do. I can also figure out what was said in the brainstorming session to get to the idea. Bottom line, I am an all around artist/thinker. Please check out my website at