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Graduated Communication and Public Relations at West University of Timisoara, Romania. I am an awarded participant at several national advertising contests, and I am passionate about visual arts and branding. I have worked in sales, marketing and have also worked as a copywriter for a b2b marketing firm. Right now I am devouring everything that has to do with logo design. I am motivated to be the best. More than just a designer, I don't just wip up a quick design and serve it with fries. I start every project with a detailed research and analysis of the given industry (field) in order to come up with the perfect logo for you. This means I often offer consulting along with my designs - for those that care to listen to my professional opinion (which is ALWAYS backed up by facts). By the way, do you know the most important aspects of any good logo? Well, here they are: 1. Simple 2. Memorable 3. Timeless 4. Versatile 5. Appropiate Be sure that these principles are available for ANY logo, well...any good one, so keep them in mind when you're having your pick. For any information (or just to chat) feel free to drop me a line via the crowdspring message board. Thank you for visiting!

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Messiah Clothing - Brand Logo/Emblem

A $650 Logo Design project

claudiupopescu participated with 13 other designers who submitted 176 entries and was awarded $200. View this project »

Claudiu, its been a pleasure working with you on my project - you are a very talented designer! I will definitely be using you if I need ... stungatt

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