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Inspired by rising sun, flying birds, running rivers and blooming green trees, I see creativity flowing in every creation of nature. With degree in psychology, economics and philosophy, I chose one of the most indulging, creative and satisfying work as my profession, i.e. freelance writing. With a successful and proven track record in creative and ‘not so creative’ writing, I am having great fun while working in this field since last nine years. I am specialized in content writing, academic writing, creative writing and naming. Innumerable positive feedbacks from clients, and comments like “this is exactly what I wanted to say,” have turned my profession into a pleasurable boon. The ultimate aim of every piece of my written work is to satisfy the clients by giving a concrete shape to their ideas. This goal drives my work and has turned me into a ‘4 am person’. Personally, I love cooking and am a great fan of ‘Top Chef’. From lasagna to spicy veg curry to cheese burger to a cup of simple strong coffee, I love making everything that appeal to my multi-cultural taste buds. I also love making clay masks and toys. The meditative coolness that my hands get from the wet clay takes me into a different world altogether. It is while being with nature that I get my creative juices running. And yes, sometimes, I even get them running in bathtub and I find myself running out saying “Eureka! Eureka!” Seriously, I am not kidding! These are the side-effects of working with the World’s Best Creative Team. So no complaints there! Being a part of CrowdSpring demands competitive spirit, courage and preparedness to give only the best. And most importantly, it drives me to become the best. I am looking forward to contribute to every writing project on CS.

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