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Brent's Deli was first opened in 1967, and then purchased in 1969 by Ron Peskin and his wife Patricia. The Delicatessen & Restaurant was established upon the traditional ideals of a family owned and operated business, which is what Brent's continues to represent today. In addition to Ron and his wife, the day-to-day operations are now run by their son, CFO Brent, and son-in-law, COO Marc, as well as their daughter Carie and daughter-in-law Dori, who both work as family representatives in each of the two locations.

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Brent's Deli Gift Card Design

A $450 Print design project

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Brent's Deli is a great client / Buyer to work with. I have enjoyed this project very much. blackcow


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Community Appreciation Day logo Logo Design $100 Complete 20
Retro Tee Shirt Clothing $350 Complete 60
New Business Cards Letterhead & Stationery $200 Complete 151
Cool looking t-shirts Clothing $600 Complete 117
Brent's Deli BBQ Special Flyer Print design $300 Complete 116
Social Media Promotional Flyer Print design $300 Complete 62
Restaurant Supporting Local Community and Educational Foundation Ad Print design $300 Complete 111
Brent's Deli- Restaurant Print Ad Print design $450 Complete 67
Brent's Deli Gift Card Design Print design $450 Complete 110