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My name is Brandon Lacrosse im 20 years young and I am dead.... Mentally that is. 3 years ago in August I was diagnosed with what I call "the future cancer." Now before I begin to tell you my story on how I died of a slow painful death, ill give you some insight. Lyme is the most common vector (blood) born disease in the world today. Far more common and much more dangerous than aids. In 2008 when i began to feel sick, 35,000 new cases of lyme were REPORTED to the centers of disease control (government). But because the 2 criteria test the insurance company approves of is so faulty they admit the numbers could be twelve times higher. Lyme was discovered off the coast of plum island where we create diseases so we have vaccines ready. Plum island was created after world war II by a Nazi scientist, Eric Traub. There is reports of Dr traub infecting tics with a disease he created in Germany. (all reports can be found online, via: google "operation paperclip") In the late 1970's a group of patients all had flu like symptoms and other problems such as joint pain. These patients were from Lyme, Connecticut. (which also happens to be right across the bay from Plum island) Three years later Lyme disease was officially announced to the public as being found under a microscope in Old Lyme Connecticut. Like any virus Lyme disease has mutated, adapted to its surroundings and what we intake to fight off the bacteria. Some people use Antibiotics, others use herbs. Those patients in the 70's got Lyme disease, what has mutated now is completely different. The reason is Ticks now carry co-infections. Depending on the co-infection, depends on how the infected reacts. Some like myself didnt realize I had Lyme disease for many years (estimated 5-6 years) But i was tested and cleared of Lyme by my primary care doctor less than a year before I was diagnosed with CHRONIC Lyme disease. The chronic comes after not being diagnosed for a long time. Many Doctors claim to have the proper treatment but who can say? There has not been any government funded research. The test we use today in 2013 was used to ditect Lyme in those patients in the 70's and 80s. 20-30% of all people with autisum have Lyme Borreliosis. Yet there has not been one single reported case of a child being born with Lyme. (i personally know a whole family with it) A study connected Lyme and Alzheimers disease (as one). 7 out of 10 brains from Harvard Medical with patients who died of Alzheimers, found they had Lyme Borreliosis. One last scary thought about Lyme disease. In high school, i presented a documentary i made on living with Lyme. The day i presented the red-cross was asking people for their blood. Curiously i asked them, what tests they use to screen for Lyme, and they said the same ones you get at the doctors office. I said "i passed those twice but i still have a Lyme diagnoses, you want to take my blood?"......they walked away. When I first started showing symptoms Lyme it was may 2008. I started to experience pain in my stomach and had consistant vomiting. By September of 2008, I dropped 40 pounds. I was at football practice for my high school team, and I didnt feel to good. I tried to walk off the pain but didn’t get too far and was on my hands and knees throwing up blood. It was then i realized I didn't have a virus like my doctor told me I did. I had to get my gallbladder removed the next week. My surgeon told me how usually females later in there life get there gallbladders taken out not young healthy males. My Pain continued after the surgery and I was unable to put back any of my weight. My primary care sent me to a doctor at St. Vincent hospital. He was my first G.I Specialist. The next coming months i spend a lot of my time in the hospital. The doctor did many tests of my g.i including nuclear medicine testing. The doctor also put me on many different medicines. I still continued to have my pain and other symptoms through out his treatments. He finished his testing and treatments and refereed us to a physiologist. My mother and I took our search in another direction and tried a G.I team at umass medical. After the same tests and scans were done and all negative comeback they decided there was nothing else they could do. Eventually the doctor sent me to Boston’s Children’s hospital. The same tests and medicine was given to me with no positive feed back. By this time my mom had done a lot of research on different possibilities of why I was so sick. Her main conclusion was Lyme. All of my symptoms added up to lyme. But no doctor or specialist could find that i had lyme. My mom heard of this doctor in Connecticut who specializes in treating patients with lyme. The first day we met we talked for 2 hours straight. He concluded I did in fact have Lyme. He ran a test from California called Igenex. This test came back positive and told me possibly how long I have had Lyme. From the test and the doctor they both concluded I was undiagnosed for four to five years. This doctor believes that Lyme is a disease that is easy to get in this part of the Country and hard to diagnose. The treatment for Lyme is longer then 30 days of antibiotics and his patients will back him up showing improvements through long treatment. His treatment for me started off slow with oral medicines that I take everyday. i started my own pill case that my mom fills up for me everyweek. I feel like a sick old man at this point. I continued this treatment from August of 2010 when i was diagnosed to october 2010. The treatment makes you more sick before you get better. My pain increased and my weight dropped more. I had to quit playing football my senior year in highschool. It was hard to do because i played football scince i was 7 years old. I was then put on a picc line wich is an iv that goes from your arm into the main vein of your heart. I got my antibiotic treatments this way untill january 2011. I missed alot of school, i didnt sleep many hours, i lost all my friends and my family was getting tired of me being misserable. I would have anger out breaks because the pain was so bad it built up. My doctor decided it was best to go back on the oral medicine which i still take to this day. Everyday is a diffrent problem in my life. Its hard to wake up when you just fell asleep. My muscles and bones ache, and it is hard to concentrate on things i need to do to get through my day. I have seight problems and my hands and feet will tingle. sometimes i will wake up and my right side is numb or i will have Basle palsy. But some days i will wake up and everything is ok, my pain isnt as bad and im a normal happy 18 year old kid. and that is how i know im making improvements. There are good days and there are bad days but they are days im alive so im happy. The problem people face in Massachusetts is that some Doctors misunderstand what Lyme is. Lyme isn’t something that can be treated easily or by one medication. Lyme takes a series of medications over a long period of time. I hope that one day there will be a test and a cure for lyme so nobody else goes through what i do on a daily basis.