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Professional Graphic Designer. I have a lot of experience in Logo, Banner, Website, Business cards, branding and all design stuffs. I`m experienced in WordPress and Open Cart web stores. I have a lot of experience in managing servers. I have a lot of experience in MySQL data base. I can write in following programming languages: PHP, Laravel and C++. I`m experienced in HTML and CSS.

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A $300 Logo Design project

bobbysixkiller participated with 33 other designers who submitted 174 entries and was awarded $300. View this project »

Bobby is creative, inventive, and responsive to requests. I encourage you to engage him. abbadoday

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Update logo design for financial organization Logo Design $299 Closed 311
Petro Products Petroleum products and engineering company Logo Design $250 Closed 311
Restaurant Logo for Orange County upscale dining with international visibility Logo Design $299 Awarded 154
Element Inc. Logo Design Logo Design $200 Awarded 246

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