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Searching for a Word Warrior? Armed with a B.A in English and a spark for creativity, I am suited up and ready to take on any naming, marketing or branding project thrown my direction. Whether you face a company naming conundrum or an email marketing mystery, I am prepared to tackle your paradox with spoonerisms, metaphors, portmanteaus and the like. I adore alliteration and have a passion for poetry. I have been working as a freelance copywriter/editor/creative since 2009. While it took me some years after graduating in 1997 with a degree in English to discover that I could be my own “boss” and let the creative juices in my brain flow freely, it is one of the best decisions I could have ever made! I love my job and pursue it with a relentless passion.

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NEWNAME -- Your Next Generation IPTV Service

A $400 Product Naming project

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This was a great job - thank you very much!! zattoo

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Carton wine product naming Product Naming $239 Closed 336
Next generation project/business name Company Naming $479 Closed 423
Name for space battle game with alliances and retro-feeling Product Naming $400 Awarded 526
Name Our Protein Bar! Product Naming $479 Awarded 150
Simplification of sourcing of IT services (B2B) Company Naming $239 Closed 420
Nail Polish Name Product Naming $239 Closed 846
Name needed for new Venture Capital company Company Naming $239 Closed 334
*Post your specials, promotions and events with one click - [NAME GOES HERE!!!] Company Naming $200 Closed 466
Children Product Company Company Naming $679 Awarded 237
Name for fast casual restaurant serving plant-based proteins. Company Naming $200 Awarded 360

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