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5 Reasons Why I Became A Crowdspring Creative Interest I love writing, and reading snarky grammar blogs about the mistakes we make alot. (That's a joke by the way). I also love reading, specifically science fiction and fantasy, but Crowdspring Creative Briefs are up there too! Skills I have had a lot of training in writing, as well as practise in keeping the audience interested. My university degree was in English Literature which, while not generally useful in life, does make me more aware of pesky homonyms and apostrophes. The last six years have been spent teaching English, as well as logging many hours on my four blogs (it's a misunderstood addiction). Experience and Results These two have been conglomerated to show my creative skills in breaking the traditional list format because, while experience without results is still valuable, that value is usually in the character building lessons learned from failure. My main blog,, is less than a year old and is receiving 700 views a month, and I've had two poems published in an anthology, so you know I've made it. Determination So I'm a bit of a word nerd, but that's a good thing! Nerds are a dedicated tribe, especially to details. Not only will I open your Creative Brief, but I'll read it! Paying attention to your audience, your emphasis, your desired format... everything. Tweaking is a natural part of the process, and, being a freelancer, I not only have a tolerance for feedback, I'm hoping you will give it. I will always respond in a respectful and cooperative manner that you may not find from other nerds, or prima donna anthology poets. I look forward to reading about your business, concept, or crazy, grand scheme and focussing all my interest, skills, experience and determination to producing the best results for you.

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