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Stokefire is a brand development firm primarily focused on strategy. While we do have in-house design capabilities, we occasionally reach out to the crowdsourcing community for assistance in brainstorming and execution on a massive scale. We understand that crowdsourcing is an imperfect solution, and are experimenting with ways to make it more equitable and fair for participants in our projects. We're always open to suggestions and feedback should you want to tell us what's what!

7 completed projects

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Pascal Metrics Needs A Logo and Stationery

A $400 Logo & Business Card project

Stokefire received 89 entries from 28 designers. View this project »

Thanks Tate! Will work with you guys again anytime! All the best! Denis. Dendo


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Project Category Award Time left Entries
Classic Logo Styled After Expedition Patch or Vintage Luggage Sticker. Logo Design $800 Complete 158
HAZMAT and war zones are easy for them. Logo design? Not so much. Logo Design $3000 Complete 1371
YOUR JOB: Make our Software-as-a-Service HR firm 'hep.' OUR JOB: Look up 'hep' and then be it. Logo Design $350 Complete 100
The Nation's Best New Technology Consulting Firm? Logo & Business Card $1000 Complete 117
Management Consulting & Staffing Firm Logo & Stationery Logo & Business Card $1000 Complete 84
Charitable Insurance Company Identity Logo & Business Card $610 Complete 214
Pascal Metrics Needs A Logo and Stationery Logo & Business Card $400 Complete 89