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I am first and foremost an artist. I have a lifetime of experience in graphic design, technical illustration, and architectural design. I have also had numerous solo and group exhibitions that have showcased my paintings from New York, to Los Angeles. My styles are minimalistic and modern, but I can also be the “Jackson Pollock of Logo’s” if the project requires it. On average, I submit five completely unique designs to every graphic design project that I enter. Rest assured that all of my designs are completely created from scratch. I do not have, or believe in stock piling images or designs – again, I am an artist. Please take a short minute to review my portfolio and winning designs, I am confident I will exceed your expectations.

35 Winning entries

Need a modern update of existing logo

A $200 Logo Design project

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Great job - thank you!!! txm1004

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Project Category Award Time left Entries
iOS app icon needed! Logo Design $719 7 days 68
Branding a Coffee Roasting Company from scratch Company Naming $239 6 days 98
Software blog logo refreshment Logo Design $501 3 days 377
Cloud Ready Software logo Logo & Business Card $1000 3 days 514
Logo Design for Community Bank Logo Design $299 2 days 88
Sales and marketing business Company Naming $200 26 hours 103
Yazji Orthodontics Logo Design $1200 26 hours 323
New Logo Needed for Cutting Edge Hotel Software and Services Company Logo Design $719 11 hours 233
New Property Logo Logo Design $969 4 hours 566
Tagline for new category Tagline $215 Closed 582

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